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At Mike Nelson Concrete Paving Company we provide complete quality paving projects, and expect our subcontractors to be of the same high standards we have. I’ve been dealing with striping contractors for 37 years, and with ProLine Striping for the last two years. Daniel and his guys are easy to work with, and the end result is a good experience with high quality workmanship. I highly recommend ProLine Striping!

— Deb Worley

We here at Suburban Sealing Services Inc. seek the highest standard when it comes to finding a contractor. Being a Vendor/Partner for Walgreen Drug Stores means we must attain not only the highest quality work but also, responsibility and accountability for workmanship and safety. Daniel at Proline Striping, and his crew are among the best we’ve seen in years when requiring these high standards. We wish they did all 50 states. We thank you very much and wish you the best in future years to come!

— Bryan S.

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